“Discover Your Inner Physical & Mental Power”

– Jason Echols, Fitness Trainer

“One of my main goals is to offer a space with no boundaries, a space that I may work with my clients individual needs, whether your looking to increase strength, lose weight, flexibility, or improve mental focus. I want to offer all my students equal opportunity for success to achieve their personal goals. You have tried all other fad fitness programs NOW come experience the all in one solution. It’s not a fad its a lifestyle for success…

I won’t let you down.”

Jason Echols


Private Training

“Training with Jason for the last 8+ years has transformed the way I prepared in the off seasons.  Now that it is all off season I use my work with him to stay physically and mentally strong, while learning a challenging skill and having fun doing it.  When you can combine a mental challenge with physical workout you forget you are working out and makes you want to come back for more.”

-Tim Duncan


“Jason coaches every student to achieve his or her best potential. My work with Jason has been transformative. While engaging all of my physical abilities, he also manages to completely silent my very busy mind. Jason provides new perspectives on fitness, body, and world. Move differently to live differently. You won’t regret it.”


Family Training

My Group Classes Offer a great variety of students from all walks life. Training in a group environment offers inspiration and motivation to push yourself physically and mentally.

-Jason Echols


Girl Empowerment

An article in USA Today College from September 2015 printed a survey by the Association of American Universities stating that 23% of female undergraduates have reported experiencing sexual assault since enrolling in college. 

Violence decreases from freshman to senior year indicating a target age group.

Huffington Post reported 1 in almost 5 girls reported rape or attempted rape during their freshman year, the most falling prey during their first three months on campus.

Echols Fitness (EF) wants to install martial arts strategical thinking and training into young girls approaching collage age to better prepare them for both college and life in general.

Fitness Fantastics

If you are are already very active and have reached a plateau in your training regimen, Echols Fitness would like to introduce a kickboxing system that is simple , practical and easily interchangeable with existing fitness training.

Sport Athletes

If you are recreational participant or a very serious athlete. From junior level, all the way to professional level sports . The caliber of cross training our kickboxing program provides is elite level technology to improve your game. 

It is the very same system used by professional UFC martial arts athletes like “Suga” Rashad Evans, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort . One can expect improved footwork, hand/eye coordination, flexibility and stamina to carry over into your sport.

Stress Relief

Everyone experiencing life will tell you that stress is a very present monster that can consume you if not managed in some way. EF wants to provide people with a very healthy , life bearing way to effectively release some of the stress life can bring. By working towards a lifestyle change, the style of your life can be a more pleasant way of living and experiencing more peace and happiness.


“The pre workout concentrated tea shot and post training recovery shot of fitness professionals.”

LEAF was developed through experience of tea consumption with training and research on health benefits of tea. Leaf uses organic tea geared specifically for pre-workout purposes and also for recovery after training .

Tea originated in the mountains of Yunnan China, LEAF recognizing these roots and ways of Chinese tea preparation , uses a similar approach to tea consumption via small kung fu style tea sets.  Using a concentrated tea shot method , much like an espresso shot , only without the jitter spike and crash you get from coffee , we do pre workout concentrated tea shots and post training recovery shots .

Doing tea shots pre-and post training is a new concept of the Western world and is a mission of LEAF to share it starting in the fitness industry .

Here is a livestrong article supporting The fitness benefits of the type of tea we offer.